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Guitarist Site: Hi Victor, is a pleasure to do this interview

V.Andres: Is a pleasure for me too that you are interested in my work.

Guitarist Site: How did "Steel Symphony" arises?

V.Andres: "Steel Symphony" arises from the need to create my own music, I suppose that after long years of classic / folk influences and my passion for the 80's Rock guitar, it creates this mix that I like and hence arises the project, although there are many tributaries that channel the cd, as the will to live and love, I think it's a mixture of feelings, influences and passions.

Guitarist Site: Which is the style of the CD?

V.Andres: The truth is that is enough difficult for me to pigeonhole any kind of music, so you imagine to pigeonhole mine jajaja .... although I would say that the disc is very fresh, with tints of Irish Folk and classical music progressions, as I commented earlier.

Guitarist Site: What is the song you're most proud of in this CD?

V.Andres: None !!!!, jajajaja ... I suppose that each item inspired me something about your time so I could feel proud or not, I think that each item is fulfilling its role and shape and history to the story that I wanted to count, I am proud of each and everyone equally.

Guitarist Site: How was the production of the disc?

V.Andres: The production of the disc, like the recording has run on my own account, with a budget of ... let me see ... "€ 0"! jajaja, that if illusion and a very great affection, pulling all possible resources at my disposal, and tried to be as audible as possible.

For mastering end, Helped me a good friend and guitarist also from my land, el Bierzo.

Guitarist Site: With what gear have you recorded the disc?

V.Andres: There is a mixture of several things, the midi was recorded with a guitar brand "aria pro 2", the drums are programmed with a drum machine brand ZOOM, I recorded the rhythm guitars with my amp "line 6" a gibson les paul and the solos with my Fenders and my Marshall JMP1.
I recorded some parts eith other guitars of my property, as Ibanez, Peavey and Dean, although not characterize the project.

Guitarist Site: How do you see the quality of the new guitarists internationally?

V.Andres: Well, speaking of guitarists, I think we are going through the best period in history, because there is a large academic progress and good learning possible today, I met a great geniuses of the guitar thanks to internet and otherwise, that a decade or two ago, would be authentic "guitar heroes", but the guitar passes a less commercial epoch and the soloist guitarists and virtuoso has passed to a background, execente level but few exit, like that I see it.

Guitarist Site: What projects are you currently working?

V.Andres: I work as a session musician on the record "mcd records", apart from this, my job, I have several collaborations with national and latins guitarists, what will come next that surely will work with the Mexicans "crossfire".

Guitarist Site: What happy moments and disappointments has given you your famous version of "He's a pirate?"

V.Andres: Well, most joys, the truth is that I'm very happy for the acceptance that has taken my line of the famous pirates film, every day I receive dozens of e-mails, asking me tablature or simply congratulating, has been a success, the truth and that has opened my field of hearing so to speak.

The disappointments, as any good, maybe there will be people who only know me by that arrangement, quite to my regret is not mine, I knew I was on my personal work, though this version is unique.

Guitarist Site: Thank you very much for answering our questions

V.Andres: Thank you for this wonderful and relaxing interview, a hug to "guitarist site."

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